GameFi & P2E Mechanisms

Astro Jaeger is equipped with the Play-to-Earn Gamefi structure that builds on the growing DeFi ecosystem and combines it with Gaming through unique NFTs. GameFi refers to the gamified financial yielding system with a dynamic & interactive environment. Similar to the popular crypto term DeFi (Decentralized Finance), GameFi is a combination of the words "game" and "finance." GameFi is no gambling. We consider part of this emerging sector to require players to leverage a mix of skills and strategies to generate revenue. Although luck may be a part of the Gacha experience, it is not the predominant factor in determining users' condition & reward eligibility.
In Astro Jaeger, players receive financial rewards for completing gameplay objectives. The funds awarded in these play-to-earn ways typically originate from a reserve of native tokens held within a smart contract. The rewarding behaviors include:
  • Maneuver customized ships fighting off enemy fleets.
    • Requires manual manipulation by the player
    • Easy to get started, simple and straightforward
  • Combine multiple ships to form fleets and start large-scale wars.
    • No manual manipulation required, fleet wars are done automatically
    • Greater risk, Greater reward
Technically, items in traditional games are owned outright by the developers that “minted” them. When players buy in-game items, like customization for a character or a card for the deck, they don't actually own it – the game company licenses it to users.
By minting cards and items to the Blockchain network, the gamefi structure enables Astro Jaeger to change the old practice to give players real ownership over the items they purchase or earn in games. This gives players the right to buy & sell an item freely, use it in Astro Jaeger or take it into a different product. How players use it is completely up to them. 5 The game developers cannot change the value or power of that item to force players to buy the next DLC to remain competitive or nerf you out of existence.
"If you can't sell your items, you don't own them." - Digital ownership of unique assets creates economic opportunities that were not possible before. For example, in Astro Jaeger, users can search & destroy pirates using their spacecraft to loot. Meanwhile, they can also rent their spacecraft to others in exchange for benefits to both owners & renters, since they have the ownership and execution right on their on-chain assets.