Astro Jaeger

Astro Jaeger: A Vibrant, 3D, Dynamic Metaverse Ecosystem Powered by Web3 & Rebalance Mechanisms
Astro Jaeger envisions an ultra-scalable, rapid-evolving, compiling 3D NFT metaverse on the BSC network with solid Web3 play-to-earn mechanics. The project employs multiple mechanics (e.g. reserve pool, multi-layer anti-bot algorithm) to improve its ROI performance.
Astro Jaeger Trailer
Astro Jaeger is a Web3 NFT(Non-Fungible Token) action game providing exploration, exploitation, multiplayer combat, exchange, mining, and collecting experience. In the virtual 3d metaverse space created on the blockchain, participants (playing as “the Pioneers”) can freely collect ships, and upgrade light fighters as well as capital ships. Besides, they are able to purchase entities such as modules and fleets. Based on their vehicles, they can also fight each other & upgrade their reserves. Additionally, participants can earn tokens both statically and dynamically, according to their performance and experience during their stay.
Astro Jaeger Intro
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